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What is a clearing sale?

A Clearing sale is an auction sale of farm equipment held on location. Nearly everything is offered for sale from large machinery such as harvesters and headers, implements, vehicles and tractors, tools for the workshop, including collectable items which may have been placed in storage years. The General Public as well as those in the Farming Industry could benefit at a Farmers Clearing Sale. Bargains are there for the taking. In most cases the machinery and farm equipment are found to be in good condition and ready for use.


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Property / Ref: ___ Lagoona Theodore
Date & Time: Postponed due to rain until 9:30am Saturday, 30th July, 2016

Last updated ..... 16-Jul-2016 11:40 AM

Moore's Lagoona


Moore's Lagoona , 11445 Cracow Theodore Road, 27 kms from Theodore.

Theodore 4719


Brief Description:Sale of complete plant and equipment from Lagoona -Includes Farming plant and some livestock equipment.